Gift Cards

West of Camden online gift cards are currently available in $10, $25, $50, and $100 denominations.  After purchase, an automated email from our system will be sent to you with each gift cards’ unique code. Additionally, gift card codes can be found within your customer account page, which can be easily accessed by clicking on the ‘Account’ link at the top of any page within the header, or via the sidebar menu on mobile devices.

West of Camden Gift Card

Purchase A Gift Card


Using gift cards to purchase items on our site is easy. Simply apply your gift card codes on the checkout page after the cart page in the “Gift card or discount code” form and click apply. The amount on your gift card will be automatically deducted from the total purchase price.  If you have multiple gift cards you can enter as many as you desire, clicking apply after each code is entered.     

Our online gift cards have no processing fees, no additional fees and never expire! View our Refund Policy page for further details regarding exchanges, returns and purchases made with gift cards. 

Hardcopy In-Store Gift Cards:

Currently hardcopy gift cards purchased within our brick and mortar store locations cannot be directly used on our website. If you are wishing to use a hardcopy gift card from one of our stores to purchase items on our website, please contact us so we can issue you a new code. You can contact us via email at (use subject “Update Gift Card” for faster response).